Bio & Interests


I am a Data Scientist at Business & Decision. Before this job, I did two internships; one at Deloitte Luxembourg as an audit intern and a second one at BNP Paribas as European public affairs intern.

Regarding my education, I hold a Master in Economics from KU Leuven (2015) and a Master in Econometrics from Maastricht University (2016). You may download my resume here to have a better overview of my professional and academic background.

In May 2015, I became an international tennis chair umpire (White Badge certification). This position allows me to develop leadership and teamwork skills, and a strong communication thanks to the guidance of internationally certified umpires. It also allows me to combine my passion for tennis and travel.

I consider myself as a very curious person and I'm always eager to learn. I satisfy these needs by reading about very different subjects, varying from statistics to psychology through economics and business.

I also have a strong sense for adventure and discovery. That's why I love to travel and face new challenges.


My areas of interest are the following: statistics, Big Data, predictive analytics, econometrics. I also like to apply technology and data science to health and educational issues or for social good, commonly referred as data for good.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to know even more.