My research interests focus on bio-statistical procedures applied to cancer patients. This encompasses modelling survival analysis to adequately estimate the time—starting from the date of diagnosis—after which cancer patients can be considered as cured and quantifying the potential excess mortality.

Another goal of my PhD thesis is to find a proper way to adapt the actuarial pricing of life insurance products depending on the type of cancer and the duration of survival at the time of application.

This PhD is a joint work with Prof. Catherine Legrand and Prof. Michel Denuit.


  • Soetewey, A., Legrand, C., Denuit, M. et al. Waiting period from diagnosis for mortgage insurance issued to cancer survivors. Eur. Actuar. J. (2020). DOI: 10.1007/s13385-020-00254-x
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  • Member of the Royal Statistical Society of Belgium (RSSB)

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